Stay & Play – English for kids

Learn English like a native speaker.  This course is a highly interactive experience for kids from 4-6 years old.  We will use a variety of fun activities such as songs, games, storytelling and even crafts designed to surround the children with the English language and teach basic words and phrases.  The kids will learn English naturally – without boring vocabulary drills or grammar explanations. No previous knowledge of English required.  Just sign up and have fun!

The course is intended for kids to participate alone without their parents present.  If your child isn’t ready to participate in such a course alone, check out our Busy Bees English course for kids and parents.


Course information:

  • 9 lessons, 45 minutes each
  • for kids from 4 to 6
  • without parents
  • Price: 90 EUR per child

Instructor: Kristen

Course Dates:

coming soon…


Register online:

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After the registration you will get an automatic answer with your registration dates. Soon after you will receive an email with your confirmation.
If there is no free place for you, you will get an information per email.
In the unlikely event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your spam or contact us

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