Busy Bees – English from 2 to 4

A super fun and interactive way to introduce your child (2-4) to the English language.  We’ll be using songs, games, story time and other activities which allow even very young kids to become familiar with English sounds and patterns.  Kids should be mobile (walking) as many of the activities require physical participation, but don’t worry if your child isn’t speaking much yet.  They will still be able to learn basic English words and follow simple directions in English.  This passive knowledge will be extremely helpful later when they really start learning English in school.

Each course block has a different theme.

Sign up now and learn English naturally like a native speaker!

Course information:

  • 10 lessons, 45 minutes each
  • for kids from 2 to 4  and 1 parent
  • Price: 100 EUR per child

Instructor: Kristen

Course Dates:

Thursday, January 16th to march 26th 2019 3:45 to 4:30 p.m. (march 5th holiday)


Register online:

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